React native

We develop all our native apps in React Native.


We are very experienced in javascript, partly because of the apps we make in React Native and Vue.js.

Python Django

We build our backends in Python Django.


From the early years to the present day, we have been using WordPress as the de facto standard CMS for websites. Over the years, we have built dozens of websites in this CMS.


We mainly use TYPO3 for the larger websites and environments where multiple websites are managed from a single CMS system.


Since the earliest versions we have built websites, links and applications in php. But even now our PHP knowledge is very up to date and is widely used.


Vue.js wordt als framework om losse frontends te bouwen die middels GraphQL worden verbonden met API’s, backends in Python/Django, WordPress of Laravel.

DevOps / Cloud Hosting

We have set up various hosting clusters. From own hardware to hosted VPS clusters to fully cloud and high available. As a result, we have thorough knowledge of Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, among others.


We use various types of databases for our applications. Both MySQL and Postgress clusters, but also NoSQL solutions such as Mongodb or Couchdb.



We build our software according to the Scrum methodology. We normally have iterations of two weeks. But depending on the project we can adjust this.


Our developers work for various regular clients on the basis of a secondment construction. The projects are often so large and lengthy that it is important for our customers that the knowledge is secured with our developers.


We have done many projects in the past. In the beginning, this often went according to the waterfall principle with the writing of technical and functional specifications and a design. In practice, advancing insight proved difficult to incorporate. When we take on a project, we always build in a risk provision for this.

Management of software

We can manage all software built by us. This applies to websites, apps and links. In addition, we also manage our hosting platforms. We manage our own cluster with our Search and Data extraction software. In addition, we use Google Cloud Platform as a hosting platform for our Coding customers.

Strip card

We offer our customers the option to purchase hours in advance in the form of a strip card. In this way we can guarantee that there is budget available directly and we can free up time in a sprint for work that has only then been determined. Even in the case of a simple management agreement, a strip card with hours is very practical.


In principle, our developers can carry out their work from various locations. In practice, it comes down to a division between a home workplace, our office in Groningen and a workplace at the customers office.


We use Jira from Atlassian for agile project development and management. Our customers can access our Jira, we also use customer systems in some cases. We also register all hours in Jira.


All our employees have a direct (VOIP) number and email address. In addition, email addresses for groups of developers are available and we chat with each other and our customers through Mattermost. Of course you can also communicate within Jira.