From the early years to the present day, we have been using WordPress as the de facto standard CMS for websites. Over the years, we have built dozens of websites in this CMS.


We mainly use TYPO3 for the larger websites and environments where multiple websites are managed from a single CMS system.


We are very experienced in javascript, partly because of the apps we make in React Native and Vue.js.

Python / Django

We build the backends for our apps in Python / Django.


Since the earliest versions we have built websites, links and applications in php. But even now our PHP knowledge is very up to date and is widely used.


Vue.js is used as a framework to build separate frontends that are connected to APIs using GraphQL, with backends in Python / Django, WordPress or Laravel.


We have set up various hosting clusters. From own hardware to hosted VPS clusters to fully cloud and high available. As a result, we have thorough knowledge of Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, among others. We can therefore tailor the hosting of your website to your needs.


In addition to developing websites, we also provide support such as helpdesk support and periodic security updates.

React Native

We develop our native apps in React Native.

iPhone and Android compatible

Our apps are developed simultaneously for iOS and Android OS so that they work on both iPhones and Android devices from the start.